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Undertaker opens up on Wrestlemania loss to Roman Reigns and WWE retirement

The Undertaker has revealed he would not be retiring from WWE despite being beaten by Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 33 last year.

The Deadman – real name Mark Calaway – left his signature black robe, hat and gloves in the middle of the ring before saluting the crowd in what looked to be his farewell after the fight against Reigns in Orlando, Florida.

But in the latest WWE documentary on the WWE Network, WWE 24: WrestleMania Orlando, Taker gave a rare insight into his last fight hinting that he wasn’t quite ready to quit the ring like many had thought.

He said: “It’s kind of surreal, I guess right now. Thirty-plus years of my life.

“But right now I am really content, riding off into the sunset.

“We’ll see what tomorrow brings.”

Spotting his trademark dark and demonic gimmick, the Demon of Death Valley opened up about his nervousness before the match and his fear of ending up a shadow of his former self.

Roman Reigns beat Undertaker at last year’s Wrestlemania. Photo Credit: Getty

“Running things through my mind. They say fighters can grow old in one fight. Hopefully this isn’t that fight.

“Dealing with the numerous injuries that I work around. Kind of the big issue is making sure there’s always enough gas in the tank.

“One of my biggest fears is kind of becoming a parody of myself. They happen to buy a ticket to see Undertaker wrestle, they should get the best Undertaker I can give them.

“You always wonder when you walk into the dressing room, ‘oh, here comes the old guy again.’ Yeah, just an old guy who’s not afraid to put a size 15 up your ass if you get out of line,” the 52-year-old athlete said.

Rumours have been suggesting that Undertaker has not retired yet and will return to the ring for a huge match against John Cena at Wrestlemania 34 on April 8.

The WWE legend came back on RAW 25 in New York and delivered a chilling speech putting the entire locker room on notice.

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